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My hope is that you all are enjoying your summer. Here are some lazy hazy days of summer deals to get you ready for September. If you are looking for a great item to give to some of your best customers or employees a good quality folding chair is a great idea. Are there cheaper ones out there - probably- but better value - No. Always put your logo on quality items to reflect the quality product or service you offer. Here is a unique key carabiner/ bottle opener. These would make a really cool handout - maybe an alternative to a pen? Drinkware is still the most popular hard good promotional product out there and for good reason, they are useful and appreciated items. This is the lowest price ever on these items. Bag signs have so many uses - they are easy to carry around and are a great way to promote your business or show off your project. Let us design one for you today! Is there something else you're looking for that I haven't mentioned?? Please let me know how I can help and have a great month!!


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