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One thing I like about February are the deep discounts and new products I have to offer you, my customers. Please take a look at this beautiful full zip lightweight jacket, 100% polyester with moisture wicking performance. This style is being discontinued so this is your last chance to get them at a huge discount. Don't wait!! We have many caps available as most of you know. These inexpensive caps are great for events where you would like to hand out a large quantity. Great for a show an open house or team building. You can even mix up the many colours available. The pen spray hand wash is a great item to hand out right now with all the colds & flus out there this time of year. The price below is for a quantity of 2500 but we can do as few as 250 for just a little more per unit. Let me know how many you would like. OK, IF YOU WERE THINKING OF GETTING MUGS - this is your time. This month only, one of my suppliers is having a sale on the mugs below for less than I have ever seen them. The Hilo & Bistro mugs are amongst one of the most popular mugs. The prices below speak for themselves. Stock up, they don't go bad. Once again this is just a sampling of what we have going on this month. Hive us a call, send us an email. We're standing by.


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