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The weather is getting cooler so it's time to put on some warm clothing. We have these amazing vintage 15.7oz hoodies in both men's & ladies' styles on sale this month. They have the modern heather colours with a vintage flair. The prices are good for handing out and the quality is such that you will want to keep some for yourself. Is that tractor shaped multi tool cool or what!? They come in an aluminum sleeve that easily fits in you pocket. This is a great hand out for agriculture & building industries. As soon as I saw it I wanted one! Here are two good quality caps that are available this month for under $10.00/each. I have samples of these on hand if you like to see one. This is a great way to get your logo on people's heads. The #4205 model comes with a bonus image of a Canadian flag under the visor. Are you looking for the ultimate hoody or hooded jackets? Well, this Stormtech jacket is definitely one to check out. This is a very nice garment. It is water repellent, flexible, warm and stylish. Getting these would be a great idea to get ahead of the Christmas rush! I do want to mention calendars again as well. It's not too late, they are a great all year promotional item and we have many to choose from. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you


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