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Ben Lunshof


I have been involved in sales and customer service my entire adult life. I started out taking pictures for the Auto Trader Magazine, sold vehicles at a local GM dealership and then in 2001 I took over ownership of Rainbow Marketing. I am the face of Rainbow Marketing and I take special interest in every customer, and every order that is placed with us. I use my knowledge and experience to help brand & promote your business and organization. I live in Dunnville with my wife and four children. I volunteer at our local church in Wellandport and in the summer I like to ride with my wife in our little Miata convertible whenever I get a chance.

"A customer that has forgotten you is no longer your customer...... Advertising pays!!"

Jason Goguen

Graphic & Web Designer

At first I intended to be a camera operator in the movie industry, but one thing led to another and decided I might do well in the graphic design field. Three years went by and I became a fully fledged graphic designer working in my field. This fortunate turn of events has lead me to design for multiple printing and creative companies while all along fine tuning my skills. Keeping up with technology and design trends is an ongoing process and one I enjoy daily. I have successfully been a graphic designer now for over 15 years and it has given me even more love for this type of work and the clients I deal with. Over the course of my career I've learned a lot about website creation and design and are able to do both. I have three wonderful daughters, Elora, Analeigh and Alise, and my lovely wife Tricia. We reside in Smithville, ON and enjoy the small town life.

Favorite Quote - "Comic Sans is never an acceptable font. Unless you are an 8 year old girl writing a poem about unicorns".

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